Friday ( Opening Night )


6:00 pm

Doors open

Live band, meet and shop with artists and crafters 

7:00 pm

Film screening begins  

15 min Q&A at the end of each showing 

October 20th 

Location: Venture Hall

in the IMAX Theatre at Marbles

Band: Isaiah & The Boys


by John David Ware

Feature Film

Inspired by a healing ranch for troubled girls in North Carolina, “Unbridled” tells a tremendous story that exposes the atrocities of abuse, neglect and sex trafficking and the healing and redemption experienced by girls and horses who have suffered the same types of abuse.

Railway Spine

by Samuel Gonzalez Jr

Feature Film


Witness the tragic story of loss through the eyes a Vietnam veteran in this American coming-of-age period war and crime drama. As Michael Delucca recollects his violent post war life in a memoir, the horrific shadows of his past reveal the true psychological effects of a terrible disease that is PTSD aka RAILWAY SPINE. 

Some of the films screened at Raleigh Film festival may contain content only suitable for adults.




6:00 pm

Doors open

Live spoken word performance by  Trina Thoughtz 

Live band, meet and shop with artists and crafters 

8:00 pm

Special presentation by BAC Mentor & Scholarship Program 

Film screening starts (8:05)  

*15 min Q&A at the end of all showings 

October 21st 

Location: Venture Hall

in the IMAX Theatre at Marbles

Poet: Trina

Band: Javon

Waking Dreams
by Brad Jones


Waking Dreams is about a disabled young man named Brad Jones who overcomes his afflictions with the power of his imagination. The story drifts between fantasy and reality, combining elements of his real life with imaginative material inspired by the works of noted science fiction author Orson Scott Card (Ender's Game).

Dichterliebe: POETLOVE
by David Paul 


'Dichterliebe: POETLOVE,' is an adaptation of Robert Schumann's 19th century art-song cycle, which tells the story of a young man who experiences his first love and heartbreak, throwing him into deep despair, until he finds his conduit through art.

Making SkyBreak
by Donnie Seals Jr 


'Making SkyBreak' is a behind the scenes look at the creation of Zo!'s latest soul album. We not only travel the country talking to the artists behind the music, but we delve deep into the beginnings of Zo!'s music career.

by Jane Terry


A transistor radio serves as a conduit for messages from beyond the grave. A kaleidoscope of recycled memories ensues.

by Jesse Henning 


 Raymone Maye was living large. Parties, girls and a good time are what he thought life was all about. After attending a high profile party, Raymone mysteriously wakes up in a hospital room without any recollection of what took place. He would later learn how close he came to death and the miracle that gave him ones last chance to live.  

by Wenrong Zhang


The Extreme Nightmare – My idiotic nonsense 
The ever-changing delusion of the city landscape; the surrealistic mundane surroundings has puzzled us. The Internet has successfully changed us. Daily life keeps us under great tension, and leaves us very little time to think and to experience. Therefore, people are easily lost in the ultimate anxiety and fickleness; lively, but superficial.

Some of the films screened at Raleigh Film festival may contain content only suitable for adults.




2:00 pm

Doors Open

Live band, meet and shop with artists and crafters 


4:00 pm

Film screening's starts  

*15 min Q&A at the end of all showings

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Awards Presented by

Artist Christopher Terrell 

October 22nd 

Location: Venture Hall

in the IMAX Theatre at Marbles

Band: Javon


Artist Christopher Terrell

by Patrick Smith 


A horned creature's destructive rampage is halted by a stubborn adversary. Loosely based on Tom Robbin's depiction of Tanuki, a Japanese mythical creature known for his mischief, "Pittari" is scored to an old phonographic gospel recording to help illustrate a relentless resistance to the creatures gritty penetration.

Purrs and 'Ol Man blues
by Susan Shulman


Cool alley cat meets old blues musician and they tour together

Reverse : A Poetic Thriller
by Johnny Dutch 


Reverse is a poetry film about a college professor who uses spoken word and his intellectual acuity to warn off a thief late at night.

by David Smith 


A writer struggles with his inner-critic until one day he discovers one of his stories left him for someone else, at which point he must decide what to do next.

The Government Gang
by Reggie Henderson 

Hunted by the federal government, a group of young men turn to crime after failed attempts to rebuild their community post the Tulsa race massacre of 1921.

by Andrew Huggins 

A modern day adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story, "Young Goodman Brown" from 1835.

Tales from Shaolin:

Pt One Shakey Dog
by Jeremy Sample 


Tales From Shaolin reinterprets the works of the Wu Tang Clan as a Shakespeare-meets-Tarantino, crime-filled action dark comedy! Using the lyrics from the song "Shakey Dog" by Ghostface Killah, Part One: "Shakey Dog" stars Stephen Hill as our narrator “Ghost” and Dominique Spencer as the quiet yet eager Frank in this tale of a stick up gone wrong. 

Rolling In The Deep
by Marcellus Cox 

A Young African American Male travels home to South Carolina looking to achieve a goal for his late Father by having a meal at an locally famous Whites Only Diner

by Ken Hanenberg 

In Jerry’s line of work, being a nobody may be the most critical skill. A career hitman, Jerry has come to dispose of one last victim before he disappears into obscurity and retires. But after he arrives at a secluded lake to dump the body, a twist of fate complicates matters when a panicked logic professor named William shows up at the same spot... to do the same thing.

by Katie Garibaldi 
Music Videos

Singer/Songwriter Katie Garibaldi’s “Delightful” music video celebrates self-empowerment and independence, and considers that happiness is a choice.

by George Hage 
Music Videos


Jack the Radio's Moonlight is the first single off their album Badlands. Following a lead, two men unearth a dark and hidden truth from the past.

Some of the films screened at Raleigh Film festival may contain content only suitable for adults.

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