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Our Mission

The Raleigh Film and Art Festival is an organization dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists and audiences. Through its programs, we discover, support, and inspire independent film, theater, and visual artists from the United States and around the world, and to introduce audiences to their new work. 

Our Major Festivals & Activities 

   Raleigh Film & Art Festival


Experience the healing nature of Film and Art. Join us at the 8th annual Raleigh Film and Art Festival on October 2nd - 4th. Powered by NC State University Libraries and Centennial campus. Featuring an amazing mixture of virtual environments stacked with entertainment. Experience the excitement with over 120 films, special celebrity guests Q&As, discussions with award-winning industry insiders, captivating spoken word performances, and much more. The place to be for creators and appreciators to see the best talent of 2020!


  1:11 High School Film Festival


Triumphant Film Series


 The 1:11 High School Film Festival partnership provides a platform for young high school filmmakers to showcase their work, networking opportunities, inspire others, and a grand prize opportunity to receive a 30k partial scholarship to attend the Living Arts College N.C.     

This monthly film series powered by the Raleigh Film and Art Festival features projects that promote love, peace, laughter, and triumph of the human spirit. All juried selected films will be streamed through our parent ( this ) websites, social media, and affiliate channels. 

"With the assistance of the arts, our world will begin to heal" ~Triumphant

Raleigh Film and Art Academy 


Raleigh Film and Art Academy provide dynamic support at every step of the creative journey for individuals with distinct voices in art, film, theatre, film composing, episodic storytelling, and emerging platforms. Courses consists of online labs, workshops, and ongoing resources for artists to nurture their projects and sustain their careers. Through year-round activities, we provide space for artists to create and share their stories with the world. Since our inception, we have supported many artists and fostered a community for independent storytellers to learn, grow, connect, and give back. 


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Our History

The Raleigh Film and Art Institute  

Film and Art Program has supported and championed many of the leading independent creatives of the past years whose distinctive, singular films and solo shows have engaged audiences worldwide. The unique vision of each filmmaker is embraced, encouraging a rigorous creative process with a focus on original and deeply resonant storytelling. The Institute's guiding values of risk-taking, experimentation, and freedom of expression have broadened the program to include American and international artists in more meaningful and vibrant dialogue across cultural and geographic boundaries. Over the years, the Art and Film Program has evolved to provide in-depth and year-round support to the next generation of artists and filmmakers, from development through distribution, and has become an international and local model for supporting artists around the world.

Our Community

Our supporters are a community of passionate individuals and organizations that are united in their support of our mission to advance the work of independent artists in film, theater, and music and to share their stories with the world. A community that understands a fresh perspectives from visionary storytellers are essential for a healthy and vibrant society.


Creatively We Stand As One   

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"Children have the aspiration & potential to be better than the generation before " -BAC


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From dramas to dark comedies, every episode is Hollywood quality without the three hour runtime. Many past season filmmakers have gone on to leave their mark on the industry and all have left us with top-notch storytelling you won't soon forget. Watch now and discover your next favorite director.

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