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Best Shorts


Directed by Nikita Hattangady

Two young professionals having an awful morning suddenly meet at a cafe in London. A day that starts out terrible does not have to end that way. The Internationally award-winning film plays like a mini feature, with action, music, romance, moments of humor, and a touch of Bollywood. Falafel is a story about dreams coming true.


Alice & Lucy 

Directed by Darius Quinn

Two women discuss life and its woes, while rummaging through the contents of a mysterious apartment.

Common Place

Directed by Terrance Michael McLeod

A young man goes to a common place him and his father use to visit to reconcile their relationship.

35 Minutes 

Directed by Stephanie Alecia Rose

Brian (Taylor Harvey) loves cheese but his love for cheese is causing his roommate, Tony (Brandon Smallwood), some problems. Tony is over it. Now Brian only has 35 minutes.


Directed by Stephanie Alecia Rose

Trouble finds Gino the night before the championship game.

A Juddering

Directed by James Lantz

Through his bare feet, a troubled teen feels something wrong with the Earth. Granddad won't listen. Featuring music by Bob Dylan, Nancy Sinatra, Ernest Tubb and a twenty-seven member children's choir, A JUDDERING is about a teen experiencing Climate Anxiety.


Directed by Mohammad hassan yassaee

A mullah that think dog is unclean one day in its trip in desert faced with a dog

Blaming and Shaming

Directed by Joya Joseph

In a modern portrayal of events following Sita's rescue from her abductor Ravana, as detailed in the Hindu epic poem The Ramayana, Sita finds herself in therapy and wrestles with the psychological effects of her abduction and slut shaming, leaving her with even more questions than answers.

Love Transparent

Directed by Deon Green

A unique young man imagines the perfect afternoon.

Mamma With A Vengeance

Directed by Robert Underhill

Bojana arrives to check up on her daughter, Andrea, at a remote motel where Andrea is holed up with an abusive S.O.B. named Max. Mamma's come for a little smackdown of her own. As things escalate we learn that something much deeper has been plotted by mother and daughter now set in motion...

Fine Lines

Directed by Jim McQuaid

A mom wakes up and makes a decision - whether or not to look at her phone. What follows is two versions of the same day, exploring how this small difference affects her interactions with her teenage daughter, Lina, and sets off a cascade of events.

The Manager Position

Directed by  Craig Trow

Months after losing his job, a man is still unable to tell his wife.

From Oscar winning Producer ANDREW CARLBERG (Skin) and starring Emmy nominated JACKIE HOFFMAN (Only Murders in the Building) we present to you, THE MANAGER POSITION. Months after losing his job, a man is still unable to tell his wife. Philip was let go from his job five months ago due to a recession that led to his company's closing. While he has used the time to seek employment, it's been all dead ends and rejections. To make matters worse, he has yet to tell his stay-at-home wife about his termination. With no job on the horizon, and nowhere to go during working hours, he returns to his old office building to remind him of his former self. At a breaking point, he commandeers the vacant manager's office, and his world starts to open up with new opportunities as he finds himself among others that are also experiencing financial and employment hardship.

The Writer's Grief

Directed by Rodney Worthy WilliamsA gifted writer, Donovan Man grieves the loss of his beloved wife. He finds himself detached from everyday life no matter how hard he strives for some semblance of normality and sanity. As he copes with his new reality, an Entity comes to him. It challenges Donovan’s perspective on life, death, and how to move forward. The conversation is meant to not only save Donovan’s mind, but his life and serves as the starting point for healing his tainted and broken heart.

Adiyah Grace

Directed by Brenda Jean Williams

“Adiyah Grace” a short film that navigates the discussion of Black Live Matter discussed in the workplace. The workplace setting is a hospital, a place where LIFE most certainly matters. 

The Mourner

Directed by Daniel Mercer, Matthew Vermilyea

Lonnie Walker finds lonely work as a professional mourner at sparsely attended funerals. But when he meets the granddaughter of the recently deceased, he sees an opportunity to set his life on a new path.


Directed by Christina Russo

The passing of a parent from a Childs point of view.

Survival Job

Directed by Monica McCarthy

Tessa Wren is a struggling New York actor in a Method acting class. When her sense memory exercise gets derailed with an appointment from her agent,Tessa’s training is put to the test as her audition for Chekhov’s THE SEAGULL goes very, very wrong. Now Tessa must act as if her life depends on it... literally.

Got Your Back

Directed by Mitch Hudson

In the 1960s, a group of high school buddies decide to climb their local water tower...

Based on a true memoir, and produced in loving memory of Steve Cruea and Jim "Turd" Swanson.

The Voice Actress

Directed by Anna J. Takayama

Kingyo, a veteran voice actress working in Tokyo, possesses a unique ability to see the soul in all things, living and inanimate. The voice acting world is changing and Kingyo must find a way to reconcile her way of living with the modern industry.

The Old Saturday

Directed by Rondrell McCormick

The Old Saturday is an abstract look at love, loss and what letting go looks, sounds and feels like. Booker, after the death of his wife Charli, has been muting himself every day for the past seven years. For seven years his goal has been to only give his kept words to her. And every Saturday, he's kept his promise. But in an unexpected turn, we learn that his life is the life contemplated by the love he left behind. And his memory is cherished.

Us or Them

Directed by Traci Loper 

In the course of 2-minutes, "Us Or Them" brings the debate on how to address gun violence in schools powerfully center. A woman, on the job, trained to respond instantly and violently to any threat.

"Us Or Them" encapsulates the absurdity of the American gun control debate, and specifically how we choose to protect our children.

Fall Dance 

Directed by Estes Tarver

Middle school is hard enough, but when Lily has her first ever school dance, her world gets turned upside down.


Directed by Brady Jacquin

A trained killer faces an impossible choice when his best friend, becomes his next target....


Directed by Kael Razzaq

A romantic man goes on a date with an intriguing woman who is more than what she seems, and it goes on a killer level. Who survives?


Directed by Elec McCready, Isaac McCready

A relationship in three parts, intertwined with the music that came from it.

Fish Head Blues

Directed by Kevin Muenzer

A young man gets his heart broken only to discover that life has a funny way of turning out in the most splendid of ways.


Directed by Joshua Paul Radford

While staying the night at her new boyfriend's place, Sarah asks to wear a shirt to bed. Subsequently opening up a portal inside his closet that leads to a 1980's Dating Show, where 3 lucky shirts await.

A Night Alone With Mr. Pembroke

Directed by Marc Haas

After a series of misfortunes, young Mr. Pembroke finds himself in isolation inside his box-shaped home in the early '70s. He is all alone, or at least he thinks he is. He's convinced someone is watching him, which is of course disregarded by our narrator. Is someone really there? Is our narrator to be trusted? Can Mr. Pembroke escape his own mind by the end of the night?


Directed by Jerod Wood

James finds it impossible to trust anyone after two different families choose themselves over him, leaving him abandoned to the system.

Escape Artist

Directed by Justin Meckes

A man with too many things to do decides to make his escape.

Katherine's Chosen

Directed by Will Rooney

On a mundane Sunday afternoon, Katherine has found peace in a hometown bar. Her momentary escape from attending to her students in the classroom, as well as her ill mother at home, is jarringly interrupted by a mysterious young man, Jack. When Jack reveals himself to be a retired magician, Katherine finds herself in the midst of a trick. If Jack's magic card trick fails, he will pay Katherine's bar tab and go his separate way. As cards are eliminated and the conversation gets more personal, Katherine becomes captivated by Jack's charisma. When the reveal of Jack's card trick goes awry, he fulfills his end of the bargain and pays Katherine's tab and leaves. But the actual unprecedented finale of Jack's ruse is so powerful that it rocks Katherine's very own reality.

On the Eve of Destruction

Directed by Thomas McFadden, Cole Harp

Set in pre-war France during the late 1930s, four young and adventurous women attend a cocktail party in the French countryside. One of them doesn't know it, but she's about to meet her true love.

blue jay

Directed by Anthony Matos

The stories of Ryan, Pat, and Natalie; three strangers looking for varying escapes from their mundane lives. Their journeys bring them together at an old motel, where they learn from each other how to confront their own demons.



Directed by Andrew Huggins

Cabarrus offers a glimpse in to the life of a struggling family in North Carolina.

The Wise Guys

Directed by Jonathan Smathers

Two hit-men have an intimate conversation while having a killer day at work.

Toni. Mamie. Connie.

Directed by Ashleigh B. Curry, Samantha Hawkins, Monica Cooper

It is centered around three African American women in the 1950s as they play their last game with their baseball team. It shows their trials and tribulations as they become front runners in a game that has no place for them. It goes from their childhoods to where they are now.

The Thrift Shop

Directed by Kiya Sabet

Thrift shops can be fun. You can find the funny, weird, rare and creepy items you wouldn’t find anywhere else. But sometimes the lure of the find can lead to other more sinister discoveries. Young ladies in a college town have begun to go missing and the only link between them may be Sid’s, a local dark and dingy thrift shop that is a maze of aisles, tiny rooms and endless items of the unique and macabre. Some people go in and come out with their hearts desire and some enter only to discover themselves to be the latest treasure on display at Sid’s Thrift Shop.

Good Listeners Anonymous

Directed by Stefan Kei DiMuzio

Based on a dream, short narrative comedy Good Listeners Anonymous is a surreal, absurdist look into the support group for those who listen but who do not get listened to in return.

Dr. West’s Fervor

Directed by Maria Katre Osler

When Dr. Anthony West, a quirky psychiatrist meets Rose, an awkward patient who suffers from a mysterious mental illness, he's forced to face his own cloistered demons of self-reluctance.



Directed by Michael McCallum

A down and out trombone player finds himself at a crossroads with his career and life in a dark, wet alley at night.

Beaver Boys

Directed by Jeffrey Ho

The Beaver Boys follows the journey of two quirky characters as they attempt to save the planet from plastic pollution and are determined to protect Mother Nature. Kow, played by actor Jeffrey Ho, is feisty, outspoken and ambitious in his mission. Situated at the fictional Balls Lake, Kow first meets Desiderio, played by actor Michael Perez. Battling with feelings of worthlessness, Desiderio attempts to drown himself but is guided by Kow to instead take-up arms against plastic and to save the planet. While offering a positive message, the comedic juxtaposition of these two endearing characters and their developing friendship will draw you into their offbeat little world

Respect the Theater Space

Directed by Elijah Waldon

In the middle of a showing for the latest zombie thriller, a guest receives an untimely phone call.


Directed by Trey Riley

It's a Friday night in the summer of 98'. For two teen girls, tonight is everything. Because tomorrow, it all changes.


Directed by Jordan C Gibson

Jimmy embarks on his new career, though he can't be certain what he's actually expected to do—maybe he can ask another version of himself.

God Bless

Directed by Kempson Bellington

A mentally ill man, in an attempt to gain control of the city that has wronged him, rebuilds it. In miniature.


Directed by Emory Rice, ommar guiterrez

The forest is your friend. Until it decides that it isn't.

The Kid Named….

Directed by T.J. Harper

Julius is the odd kid in school. He is being physically bullied by the school jock. After a physical altercation at the local diner, Julius believes the only way out of hell is through suicide.

Fleur de Sel

Directed by Albert Newberry

Grace Davenport, a woman late in years but fierce in spirit, struggles to save her gourmet chocolate shop--a life's work--from closing down. She hopes that her brother, who runs a successful upscale restaurant, will help her stay afloat.

Roger That

Directed by Inkar Maxutova

An inventor reveals his invention to his girlfriend but she uses it to reveal a surprise to him

The Arbors

Directed by Matthew Smitley

It's the last bus ride of the school year. Walker, recovering from a recent traumatic event, meets a deeply troubled kid named Noah. The two form a unlikely friendship that eventually leads to something dangerous.

Saturday Night

Directed by Michael C Perry

What is a blank canvas if not anything we desire it to be? What is silence if not the blank canvas to the composer, the empty room to the dancer, or the sunrise to the living? “Saturday Night” blends art, music and movement in a simple vignette that reminds us of the most important of all truths; that life is the blank canvas upon which we must paint our desires.

Promises of Snow

Directed by Matthew Ramsaur

An FBI agent arrives in a small Louisiana town to investigate a sex trafficking ring, prompted by the arrest of a girl whose situation seems terribly familiar.


Directed by Olya Azhnakina

Kolya gives a sudden and unusual birthday present to his son, which turns out a momentous one for the kid.


Directed by Molly E. Smith

Barricaded in a motel room, a mothers determination and primal instincts kick in to protect her child's innocence.

Litter Police

Directed by PJ Barnes

Walter, a struggling artist has reached his limits. All it will take to push him over the edge is one cigarette butt.

The West Virginian Starfish

Directed by Hyten Davidson, Tommy Martin

After the mysterious exit of her father, Carly is stuck with his old mission- picking up defeated thru-hikers from The Appalachian Trail. One hiker's companionship over the course of a night, however, will set Carly on a new path forever.

Mahogany's Revelation

Directed by April Mial

Is she being used for a global agenda regarding prophesied technology? Mahogany Fox is eager to prove herself for love and makes a life-changing decision that impacts her life forever.


Directed by Dylan Powers

A girl's sanity is tested when she becomes strangely connected with a paranormal box television.

Little Package

Directed by Kent Smith

A family gets themselves into hot water after a mysterious package shows up on their front doorstep by accident. Meanwhile, the owners of the package, track it down in an attempt to salvage it before their time runs out.

Growing Peace in the Middle East

Directed by Steven Hoffen

A 7th grader from New York is inspired by a visit to Sindyanna of Galilee in Israel - a unique non-profit organization led by a team of Arab and Jewish women working together to create social change from the ground up. He spends the year during the pandemic inspired to document the new hydroponics project at Sindyanna, which strives to enhance Arab-Jewish cooperation, while creating economic opportunities for Arab women.


Directed by Cara Hagan, Robert Uehlin

A short screendance filmed on location on Battle Lake, MN. Cygnus invites us to revel in the beauty of the sunrise over calm waters as the moon slips behind the horizon. A celebration of the earth, the body, and their kinship.


Directed by Shaun Mathis

While her husband is away at war, Marqueaux creates a revolutionary device that allows the couple to have physical contact through computers.

Love and Lust

Directed by Rebecca Kirsh, Paula Lauzon

As Carrie struggles to keep the attention of her one and only, she discovers his ex is the distracting culprit. Finding solace in a stranger--Carrie realizes that he too is involved in her wicked love triangle. As the plot thickens, has Carrie found a way to stick it to her boyfriend once and for all or find the way back to him? Let the games begin.


Directed by Steve Blackwood

A down and out Detroit private eye confronts his past and the class system in this up close and personal drama. Sally Danforth (Sandy Bainum) has hired Jim Calloway (Steve Blackwood) to find her missing husband. But when Sally goes in for an update, a waterfall of truth and social issues brings Jim to face the biggest decision of his long and lackluster career.

Interview With Ian

Directed by Janice Baker

Celebrity investigative journalist Kelly Merrick interviews Ian McKeene, a reluctant hero who has seen some horrific deaths in his career as a paramedic. As Merrick asks him the difficult questions, probing into his psyche, his fantasy of a hero is stripped away to reveal the disturbing truth about his actions.


Best Student Film

Yellow's Foghorn

Directed by Anthony D'Eredita

Barry Flynn, a neurotic and highly unpredictable film student, has been off the grid days before the shooting of his first short film, a sitcom. Now, on the first day of the shoot, Barry simultaneously struggles to manage his deteriorating and irritable relationship with his assistant director Clark, his wilting relationship with his girlfriend Daisy, and his cast and crew, who look to him for the guidance he's too incompetent to provide. In a frenetic series of events, Yellow's Foghorn portrays the manifestation of Barry's worst filmmaking nightmares.

Where Ravens Fly

Directed by Charly Lehuédé

Colorado, 1880. Sophie lives peacefully with her father Ernest, a former colonel of the US Army, and their Indian mare Nola, the only remaining vestige of the Cheyenne presence. Their existence is shattered when James and Hank Lewis, the sons of Ernest’s ex-soldier, happen to cross the path of their farm.

Paper Chasers

Directed by Collin Woolford

After a practical joke goes wrong, a group of friends must go on a journey to right their wrongs.

Dream Soda

Directed by Sawyer Pasma

An awkward high school boy who has trouble staying in touch with reality finally finds his confidence after getting noticed by his lifelong crush and agreeing to go to homecoming with her.


Directed by Evan Melloh

A young man is taken on a journey by a mysterious voice on the phone to find evidence of his best friend’s killer, but the truth is rarely simple.


Directed by Paula Blanco PerezAn exploration of the effects of Alzheimer's through reflections and loss of the notion of time. This movie is for my grandmother (yaya), who suffers from Alzheimer's dementia and passed away last March, 2022.

For Paloma

Directed by Suraj Savkoor

After the traumatic birth diagnosis of her new born daughter, Ally's world is turned upside down. If only she had known the beauty of what was to come.



Directed by Blake Kinsey

In a small southern church community, Pastor Oliver Hartwell is slowly driven to his wits end when the new Associate Pastor soon turns the church into a breeding ground for conspiracies.

In The Interest of All Mankind: A (Very) Brief History of Humans in Antarctica

Directed by Eliana Miriam Planer

Although Antarctica is the most pristine, untouched place on Earth, humans have been exploring it and it's surrounding waters and islands for hundreds of years. This film looks at how humans have interacted with Antarctica, from the whaling and sealing industries of the 1800's, to the Antarctic Treaty system in place today, and how climate change is affecting the incredible land and wildlife on the icy continent.


Directed by Derek Nathaniel Alcorn

A young father, plagued by memories of his past mistakes, attempts to cope with the death of his son.

Liminal Spaces

Directed by Jordan N Britt

Liminal Spaces is an experimental short film that follows people's lives as they leave a world they've known for one they cannot yet imagine. It's about finding the joy in the in-between.


Directed by Yuanhao Zhang

Rachel was born with the social anxiety disorder, a total introvert. She fell in love with a guy called Nick on social media, despite they never met in reality. Everything's great until Nick starts to ask Rachel out to meet in person.


Directed by Carter Bowden

While struggling to re-discover his purpose, a disheveled man dives into the world of clowning to feel fulfilled.

Strike A Chord

Directed by Sarah Glas

An aspiring musician struggles with grief after the death of her father, and tries to fill the void that he left with a confusing and toxic relationship with a man.

The Forest Women

Directed by Nell Geer

Told through a reimagining of her daughter, a pregnant woman travels through the woods in search of a community of women she doesn't know actually exists.

Only A Lifetime

Directed by Leslie Uy

A documentary-style short music video covering Only A Lifetime by FINNEAS highlighting the importance and appreciation of family.

Chicken Soup for the Soil

Directed by Brandon Gaesser

Chicken Soup for the Soil follows the journey of the soil beneath our feet and the efforts of North Carolina farmers Suzanne Nelson and Rachel Herrick to rehabilitate it one pasture at a time. But most unique to this film is that the main cast is not entirely human; the soil and livestock are characters as well. The film depicts the purpose of regenerative farming, which is to restore organic matter and nutrient density to soil destroyed by conventional farming, enabling it to better hold carbon and sequester it from the atmosphere. Both Suzanne’s and Rachel’s missions are to inspire land stewardship and livestock management to help reverse climate change. These are grassroots farms with global impact.

The Snow Man

Directed by Benjamin Brossett

A man goes on a journey through a snowstorm, encountering various wonders along the way.


Directed by Matt Scott Jones

Every day is a new series of performances for Trevor, because he believes that the only way to be valued is to be, at all times, the most perfect version of himself possible. It’s a gargantuan task. One that requires so much work, it’s as if he has stagehands to assist in building the facades in his apartment. Throughout the day, his world reorganizes as the people around him come and go. But the exhaustion of performing starts to erode at the perfect illusion he’s constructed.


Directed by Alejandra Cristina Manzo

After a terrible loss in the family, a young Afro-Latina girl must confront her patriarchal mother in order to save the last sister she has left.

Prom Night

Directed by Carolin Harvey

A high school girl gets ready for prom, but discovers something is off about her friend and mother.

Where Did The Time Go?

Directed by Quinn Norman

Elise Koscso is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Raleigh, North Carolina. In this short documentary, Elise shares her creative process when making new music, like writing lyrics and creating beats. She opens up about many of the struggles that come with trying to make it in the competitive music industry. Although she faces these problems, it is clear that Elise's passion and dedication to her music will get her through in the end.


Directed by Michael Foster

A young woman finds herself in a surreal reality face to face with the choice of taking medication. When she refuses to take the medication, she begins to spiral through episodes of mania and depression, questioning the entire time her relationship to this medication.


Directed by Kayleigh Daniels

A young man struggles with the rejection from an unrequited love by turning to an AI doll service. Although things seem rosy at first, events quickly take a dark turn.

A Muse

Directed by Jack Crawford

A writer struggles to find the subject for his next book.

Valentine's Night

Directed by Thomas Bozalis

Tom sits in his father's house, drinking a beer and watching TV on Valentine’s Day. His father sits across from him, and Tom's mother is asleep behind them. Tom see's conversation hearts on the table and picks one up that reads “I love you.” He eats the heart and looks at his father, then tells him that he used to love him. 

My vulnerable country

Directed by Meryl Eve Golecruz

This short documentary explores the variance between renowned Filipino environmental advocate Mitzi Jonelle Tan's experiences with the direct impacts of climate change, and the filmmaker's own seemingly far-removed relationship to the issue. The piece also reflects on the cultural identity of the filmmaker, a Filipino-American, and the feeling of dissonance between their Asian heritage and American culture.

On the Tracks

Directed by Caleb Orcutt

Carly is a young woman still dealing with the loss of her sister. When she gets called in to help a stranger, she has to overcome her own grief and depression to save someone else.

Witness Perfection

Directed by Connor e Rousseau

Barry Holloway, a cold-hearted geezer from Minnesota, or so he seems, experiences a sudden revelation in his life, which causes an internal battle between him and the mysterious index cards he religiously follows.

The Fruits of Her Labor

Directed by Katrina Montgomery

An aspiring romance author struggles to write a new story but finds inspiration in the place she least expected - her office.


Directed by Ethan Denning

Working in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, blacksmith Tommy Carroll completes a decade long project: a blade of Damascus steel forged beneath a solar eclipse. Heat treating the blade beneath the full moon, Tommy must come to terms with the permanence of his work.


Directed by Jessica Ecarma

A thousand-year-old couple from the planet Curia spends their yearly vacation traveling through the classic Milky Way galaxy in their vintage space car. After making stops at tourist favorites like Pluto Slurp and Spinning Saturn, disaster hits, causing the couple to decide the outcome of their trip quickly.


When She Was Good

Directed by Margarita Milne

When a young girl discovers that Santa is not real, she questions the lies told by adults and the terrible secret that she has been forced to keep.

Growing Peace in the Middle East

Directed by Steven Hoffen

A 7th grader from New York is inspired by a visit to Sindyanna of Galilee in Israel - a unique non-profit organization led by a team of Arab and Jewish women working together to create social change from the ground up. He spends the year during the pandemic inspired to document the new hydroponics project at Sindyanna, which strives to enhance Arab-Jewish cooperation, while creating economic opportunities for Arab women.

Behind the Mask

Directed by Ece Topcuoglu

A portrait of a tattoo artist based in London who doesn't believe in showing her face to the world nor to social media. Tattoos should be about the art itself, not the artist.

Well, for what it's worth

Directed by Mckenna Haislip

A pair of college students meet up in a park during the pandemic to exchange a pet after their relationship falls apart.


Best Mid-length

Twisted Return

Directed by John V McDermott

Barry and Morgan visit the Westermans after a long vacation and are made uncomfortable once again.


Directed by Corey Maher, Collins Abbott Whit

Michael returns home from work one day to find his wife, Rachel, has disappeared. Michael’s comical search for Rachel and his interaction with neighbors ultimately ends in a bizarre and supernatural thriller, which will leave the audience on the edge of their seats and scratching their heads.

Remnants of Memory

Directed by Michael Arlen Davis

Fine Art Photographer Charles Johnstone explores the vivid canals and ancient passageways of Venice, Italy in search of a new book project. A meditation on artistry and craft, "Remnants of Memory" celebrates beauty in the overlooked, anonymous objects we pass every day.

Embrace Yourself

Directed by Bryan Scott Wolfinger, Victor Alejandro Camejo

Major Haid is assigned to a military mission to infiltrate an enemy country and report on a possible installation of nuclear weapons that could carry out a military confrontation and with it the destruction of the land.
Among the three soldiers recruited by Major Haid for the mission is Sergeant Camejo, with whom he develops a spiritual connection, both Haid and Camejo realize that their lives have more in common than they thought.


Directed by Keyvan Sheikhalishahi

Jonas Olsen (Kellan Lutz), a chess player haunted by a tragic past, is given an opportunity to participate in a mysterious game, Divertimento.


Directed by  Tailiah Breon

Grief decides when its done with us. 


Best Feature Film


Directed by Tor Ramsey

An ensemble cast takes us through an anthology of stories involving mistaken identities and genre-bending tales of couples seeking love and companionship in the city of Oaks.

Charles Sloan

Directed by Franklin Lowry

After being compassionately released from prison, a terminally ill man navigates through his remaining days trying to reconnect with his estranged son.
Directed by Shaun M Mathis
In 3 days, Percy's father is kicking him out of the house on his 18th birthday. During that time, Percy realizes he's not been prepared by school or his loveless father how to be an adult and he contemplates his limited options as the clock winds down.
The Rush Call
Directed by Trey Riley
A corporate promotion pushes a suburban dad to choose between creative pursuits and career responsibilities, leading him on an unexpected adventure with surprising consequences for his family.
Gospel of Ted
Directed by Alex Wroten
Ferrari Thunderbird Taylor is getting ready to leave South Carolina behind forever and start a new life in the Queen City - until her deadbeat husband exchanges all their hard-earned money for cryptocurrency at the behest of a shadowy cult figure, known only as Ted. Before her new life can begin, Ferra must dismantle Ted's legion of Apocalypse-preppers, restore her husband's sanity, and salvage what's left of her good name.
Lucky Doug
Directed by Eric Alan Rousseau
Doug is your average, everyday door-to-door cat food sales person. When he finds out his long time partner is pregnant, Doug makes the decision to become a millionaire, only to find out it's not as easy as he thought to come up with a million dollar idea.
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Best New Music Video

Waiting on Forever

Submitted by Mike Anderson


Moon Shadows

Directed by Hart Ginsburg

An image of a child looking towards the evening moon visited my thoughts one day or maybe it was a dream, from there an imaginary dialogue or dance emerged between the moon and the child. But who is guiding who in this planetary dance, is it the moon or the child?

Grace Like Fire

Directed Brian Michael Suggs

Grace Like Fire is a music video to Cydney McQuillan-Grace's newest single.

Where It All Began

Directed by Stuart Spence

Music video for the song Where It All Began from the forthcoming debut album by Amanda Brown

They Want Everything

Directed by Troy Williams

Popular single single featured on Mahogany's Revelation Soundtrack

Coyote Tears 

Directed by Ron Longo, Craig Clement

When I wrote “Coyote Tears”, I wanted to capture a story of a young man that breaks away from his family in anger after they were torn apart by the recent disgusting political mayhem. But there are so many reasons this can happen- conflict over life choices, life styles, religious beliefs, etc. Not all young coyotes stay with the pack…many times there is too much conflict and they must leave and start a new life on their own.


Music Video Of The Year


Directed by Martin Melnick

Award-winning Portland opera singer Onry summons the spirit of Emmett Till and explores the time slippage of Black trauma.


Directed by Abbas Rattani

ALHAMDU is a musically driven experimental vision of Muslim joy as resistance and liberation. It is a colorful and joyous look into a future where Muslims exist unapologetically. A future where our dignity, flourishing, and imaginations as Muslims are actualized—a future where Third Culture is the dominant wave, where Muslims exist loudly alongside each other in their found-families.  


FreeWorld - "D-Up (Here's To Diversity)"

Directed by Richard Cushing

Diversity. One of the foremost qualities in nature that defines our planet. Without it, all flowers would smell the same, every creature would look the same, and all people would be the same. Life would not only be incredibly boring, but virtually impossible without the multitude of diverse beings populating our world. The endless variety of colors, thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, styles, desires, hopes, and dreams just within humanity alone is astounding.

I'm A Ukrainian - Bordertown

Directed by Rob Underhill, Evelyn Putnam

I'm A Ukrainian, Bordertown, is dedicated to and made in solidarity with the Ukrainian People.


Best Animated

Bolero Station

Directed by Rolf Brönnimann

The signalman lives on one side of the tracks, the saleswoman on the other. They see each other every day, but it’s not till death comes knocking that they both seize their chance to be together. They do it properly – and it’s enough for a lifetime.

The Social Chameleon

Directed by Alex Ross

Cosmo the chameleon doesn't fit in with the other animals. No matter how hard he tries, he just can't seem to find his place in the jungle. Then, everything changes when he meets another chameleon who shows him how to live by his own true colors!

Pour Games

Directed by Patrick Smith

Diabolical wine glasses participate in a sadistic game of power dynamics, playfully terrorizing a smaller species. The game is interrupted when a self-sacrificial rebellion breaks out, shattering the cycle of abuse.. momentarily.


Directed by Farnoosh Abedi

In the land occupied with the sprayers army, no one has the right to grow any kind of plants either in public or private.
So many of the people and soldiers do not even know how dose a plant grows or look like, until one day one of the soldiers finds a seed buried deep down in the dust and his curiosity is just the beginning of something extraordinary, something big, something revolutionary

The Cloaked Realm "The Knight and the Queen"

Directed by Marisa Cohen, Peter Issac Alexander

Based on and inspired by the 1899 short story "Moxon’s Master," "The Knight and the Queen" follows eighteen-year-old Athena and her twin sister Agatha, as they attend a mysterious ball and technology exhibition during an unexpected solar storm. While at the event, the two sisters discover a remarkable breakthrough that is strangely not receiving the attention it deserves. Later that night, Athena arrives unannounced at the home of her mentor, the Professor, where she makes a startling discovery that forever changes not only her life, but also the course of history.

the game just got real

Directed by Bellopropello

dogs and humans want to play. or not?

Monster News Feed

Directed by Cara Hagan

Monster News Feed follows a central character who, when overwhelmed and attacked by the media they consume (literally and figuratively) through analogue and digital means, decides to fight back to reclaim sound body and mind. 



The Search

Directed by Stephanie Sosa 


Directed by Zeno Phu

Meat Your Maker

Directed by Ben Biedrzycki

Floating Through Life

Directed by Amber Ricker


Directed by Kaylynn Crowder

Sunk Cost

Directed by Anna Hart

Best Student Animated


A New Cycle

Directed by Allison Gutierrez

The People Who Used to Live Here

Directed by Jan Linville


Directed by Anna Lee, Kent Ortiz, and Nathan Royall


Directed by Ziyue Peng

Mouse Stays In

Directed by Marc Russo


Nathan Royall, RJ Washington, Kaylynn Crowder, Anna Hart, Anna Lee, Kent Ortiz, Lacie Thomas, Laney Menees, Allison Gutierrez, Cynthia Bilal, Ellie Bland. Katie Brooks, Chris Dean, Hannah Hawkins, Gabby Herrell, Gaven Kerr, Jane Linville, Rei Pennington, Meghan Tankersley, and Elijah Umrani


Best Experimental

When It's Your Turn 2 - Surprise Birthday

Directed by Stephanie Alecia Rose, Marquis Smallwood

Oh... It's a surprise!!!


Directed by Jonathan Moore

A short documentary/experimental film that gives a lyrical account of what it's like to be hearing-impaired.


Directed by Dwayne Cameron

June is a story about the fragility of life; the primal forces that drive and control us and the mystery of hope and new beginnings. Willow and David receive a serious diagnosis from their doctor and attempt to deal with the mundane as their world disintegrates in the following 24 hours. This one day in June for the couple holds raw despair, unleashing carnal natures but a transcendent occurrence offers them the hope of new life.


Directed by Kate Weare, Jack Flame Sorokin

Landfall offers a sensory fantasy of naturalism, a hallucinatory look at the human body in nature. Playing with a visual edge between organic and artificial, Landfall wonders, yearningly, whether we humans belong in the natural world…or are we visitors, outsiders, a kind of alien?  


Directed by Terri Montrel

420 is an experimental, short silent film that tells the story of five black women who get together for a 'smoke session' on the rooftop of an apartment building to take a break from life.

30 Second Thoughts: Volume On

Directed by David Baeumler

A commercial break from another dimension.